v18 KODI resize Manu and OSD
Good morning forum !!

I have already looked at some topics, but I have not found anything.

What happens is "simple" but I can not solve it at all.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3, running with RetroPie and formerly made use of KODI 17 perfectly.

I upgraded to KODI 18.1 and started the headache.

At first, the program starts normally. Windows ok. Menu ok. All beautiful.

The problem is when I run any video or channel.

I noticed that the subtitles do not appear and when I open the "OSD" menu, the screen is slightly dark.

If I close the video with 'ESC', the screen turns completely black.

If, while the video is rolling, I type the backslash, the screen resizes to a smaller window and if I re-type the backslash, the screen is full and seemingly normal (with caption, play / stop menu showing .. .)

When this "OSD" menu goes out, the error returns normally. The caption disappears and when you restart the menu, it is no longer there.

What I realized, then, is that every time I put a video to run, although it maintains the proportions of the screen, this "OSD" menu (with play / stop / subtitles / settings) resizes much larger than the screen. TV. When I close the video, the rest of the home menu is still huge ... and I have to type the backslash twice to get back to normal.

I have already reinstalled KODI.
I have recalibrated the screen.
I've already changed the endless video options on KODI, Raspberry and the TV itself.

I hope I have been clear and any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.
(2019-04-15, 13:52)mascarenhas_be Wrote: I upgraded to KODI 18.1 and started the headache.
Kodi is only the application. Which operating system are you using?
Never mind, I'm an idiot. You're on RetroPie. Smile

(2019-04-15, 13:52)mascarenhas_be Wrote: and I have to type the backslash twice to get back to normal.
The backslash was and should be disabled on certain builds / operating systems. It is a regression which will hopefully be solved in Kodi 18.2 .
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