TV show or movie structure for DVD of TV shows
I have a new DVD of TV shows.  That is, the DVD contains TV shows, and one season is split over two DVDs.  I currently have these in my "movies" folder and also in the "movies" section of Kodi.  Should I be putting the DVDs instead into the TV show section of Kodi or does it matter?  In other words, can I use the structure here:

Naming_video_files/TV_shows (wiki)

But under the "movies" section of kodi? Or will the TV show scraper work better for TV shows?

In particular, I have Dragons: Race to the Edge, seasons 3 and 4 on DVD.  Each season is split into two DVDs.  Is it better for me to create a TV folder structure, or just put these into my current DVD (movie) structure?

Thank you.
You don't put TV Shows in Movies. Movies will not scrape TV Shows, that is why they are separated.

Why would you think you can combine them into movies, even after reading the wiki?

Your best approach is to get the episodes off the DVD and onto your hard drive, and setup the correct structure as shown in that link.
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