BeautifulSoup4 import error

I am new to this forum and development of Kodi addons overall. I started developing video addon, but i ran into a error.

The dependency on script.module.beautifulSoup4 version 3.2.1 could not be satisfied.

I tried installing and including various versions but nothing helped.

Thanks in advance!
Thread moved to add-on development.

I think more details of what you're trying to do and maybe an upload of a debug log (wiki) illustrating the failure may be required, but the development section is where the correct people will see your question.
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Thank you

i have not done anything special really i just tried importing bs4 into addon py code and added it into xml

i checked which version is installed, there is 4.5.3 and 3.2.1 so i tried both in xml but none worked and gave same error in kodi.log
Check if any of them is enabled (not all installed scripts are enabled)
Add it as dependency for you plugin
If that failed remove kodi and userdata folder, reinstall it and install from *.zip your addon with dependency added in addon.xml file, that way you will see if its get installed with your addon.
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