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1. The EPG timeshift setting doesn't work as I would expect it to (Windows). Probably due to regional summer time, programs are shown as starting one hour earlier than correct. So PROGRAM_X starts at 10:00 in the guide but in reality it started at 09:00 and is finished at 10:00. Now I would like PROGRAM_X to show as starting at 09:00 instead of 10:00 which to me would imply to set time shift to -1. Unfortunately, when EPG timeshift is set to -1 and after cache is cleared, PROGRAM_X is shown as starting at 11:00. Huh??

2. PROGRAM_X starts at 10:00 according to the EPG guide and system clock is set correctly, synced with a time server. According to system time, all programs start with a drift of roughly 5 minutes, meaning that guide time and system time don't coincide. Is there a fine grained way to apply drift/timeshift in amount of minutes?
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