Web interface longer working with 18
I just upgraded my OSMC running on a raspberry pi and that included an upgrade from Kodi 17 to 18. I occasionally used a custom web interface that I built myself it works perfectly under 17 but with the upgrade to 18 it does not work any longer. I have web interfaces enabled and I have around remote control from applications both on this system and on other systems. I'm able to remote control the device using a remote control application on my iPhone. But the custom webpage remote that I wrote a couple of years ago and was working fine under 17 no longer works.

As an example of the type of commands I'm sending I send this To do a "right arrow" function.
Code:{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method":"Input.Right", "params":{}, "id": 1} 

After doing HTTP get on that URL I get a response of
Which indicates to me it was successful. However nothing happens. What ever menu I'm using does not move to the right. As I said before, all of this worked under 17. Any suggestions?
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Web interface longer working with 1800