New kodi nextpvr user with some feedback
I'm a new kodi nextpvr user and I'm using kodi 18.2 with the nextpvr plugin version 3.3.15 on a windows pc in the front room. I also have a nextpvr 4.2.4 backend setup on a server upstairs.

I am really impressed with how well it all works together, but have noticed a couple of niggling issues that may just be configuration, or could be bugs in kodi or the kodi pvr plugin?
  1. If I want to delete a timer I get the option to delete just that timer or the timer rules as well. No matter which option I choose the timer rules are also always removed. e.g. If I set Britains Got Talent to record using the prevent duplicate episodes new only option. It adds a timer for Saturday night (great) and Sunday afternoon when it is repeated (not sure if it should do that if I select New Only?) So, I go to delete the timer for Sunday to save the server waking and recording when it doesn't need to and I get the prompt to remove the timer rules as well. If I choose to do this or not, all the timers and the timer rule for Britains Got Talent are always removed and I have to start again.
  2. My server goes to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is fine as long as I am using LiveTV or the guide or recordings, but if I go to play some youtube videos then come back to live tv after the server has gone to sleep then clicking on a tv channel does nothing. I have the nextpvr plugin set to WOL enabled, but this seems to only wake the server when the plugin starts. I have also noticed that when this happens the advanced WOL plugin also fails to see and wake the server, but using any WOL program outside of kodi (fing on my phone for example) wakes the server correctly. I have read somewhere that this is a problem with the way kodi handles the pvr expecting it to always be on? It's also worth noting that if I disable then re-enable the nextpvr plugin immediately then the server starts up again as soon as I go back to the main menu and everything else works as it should, including advanced WOL which can then see the server is already awake. I'm not sure if this is a bug with the nextpvr plugin or kodi but it would be so much slicker if the server just woke like it does when you disable/enable the plugin when going back to live tv.

I hope the above is of some use in helping improve the experience for some, I am really happy with how it all performs when it's working as it should.

Thanks for all the hard work.
For #1 continue on the NextPVR forum post since logs are required.

For #2 there is no clear logical point when WOL should be issued.  Kodi polls the server and there are regular API calls made so there would be no point in sleeping the server if all access issued WOL.  It is issued only on startup an on resume from sleep but you can trigger it by going into the addon and disabling it and enabling it again.  Not ideal but if you want a better solution you will need to post for a general PVR solution.

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