Ember doesn't seem to connect to Kodi

I'm trying to get Ember to connect to Kodi on my Nvidia Shield TV so that i can remotely manage the media library.  When i go into Ember's settings and then to the Kodi interface, I input the proper IP, port an user info and click on Check Connection.  Ember will tell me the "Connection to host successful!" but then right below in the same message box it will say "API-Version: unknown 10.3.0" and there is just an OK button.  I am not able to load any sources or get any access to the media library.

I really don't have clue what to do next or how to get it to connect.  Is my Kodi too new?  Version 18.2.  I think i have the settings correct in Kodi for the remote connection but im just at a loss.

I'm using Ember version 1.4.90 x64.

It would be great if someone could get me some pointers or let me know how to get this to connect.

Thanks in advance.
First, Ember does not manage the Kodi DB from remote. Ember create NFOs, images, trailers and so on in the movie or tv show directory that Kodi can read instead of scraping. Ember has also a Kodi Interface to sync your media with Kodi, e.g. if you edit information or add a new movie.

You have to add all movie and tv show sources to Ember and Kodi, in Kodi you can use the "local info only" scraper to disable the internal scrapers. If you've added the sources in Ember and Kodi you have to map the sorces in the Kodi Interface host dialog. You can use the button "Read Sources from Kodi" to get the Kodi sources:

German Ember Media Manager Support

Daily Builds - Link
Latest official Ember-MM version - Ember Media Manager 1.4.x
Thanks for the clarification Dan.  I did read the part about the nfos but from looking at some screenshots and videos i guess i assumed it just updated the DB.

Do you know about why it won't connect to Kodi and has API problems?

I hate to ask here but do you know of other tools that allow you to update the actual DB remotely?

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