v18 Video not loading from FTP seedbox
Hello people,

I use a Raspberry Pi 3b, with debian and Kodi 18.1 installed on it.
I use this build that is really fast and where I can use Amazon VOD : https://raspex.exton.se/?p=1126

But I have a problem when trying to play video from my private seedbox using FTP protocol.

Things that works : view all my folders and video library of my seedbox in Kodi

But when I try to launch a video, the loading ico show for less than 1 sec, and nothing more.
I try this with mkv and avi format, still the same.
I try playing these 2 formats from external HD, no problem, video play correctly.

Is it a problem from the new version of Kodi ?

Here the log I make (i'm noob at linux but I think it's the correct log).
I try to run the video 2 times.

I see errors from SFTP on the log file, it's because I first try to use this protocol before FTP, but it seems that SFTP is no supported by Kodi 18.x.


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