Android Video & audio out of sync after a couple of minutes
When playing some types of media (so far I only get it with older formats/non hd content) everything seems fine but after 5 to 7 minutes the video suddenly speeds up and becomes verry jittery and the audio goes out of sync. When I stop the playback and open the same file again it resumes playback just fine until after a couple of minutes the same thing happens again.

This does not happen with any HD files.
My log file can be found here, I think it happened 2 or 3 times within this log.

Is this hardware related or are there some playback settings I could try out? I tried changing some of the video sync settings but nothing seems to help so far.
This happens to me, too. Some files, I don't know the pattern, and each 8 or 12 minutes. With MINIX U9-H.
I forgot to mention, I am having this issue with a minix U9-H as well. The same files used to play fine, and the OS hasn't been updated for ages so it has to be something with Kodi/settings.
Next time, please provide a log with a single problem video AND without any library scanning details. It bloated the log file quite a bit.
Also, using google drive view for a Kodi log is not my personal preferred tool. Google doesn't have to know everything and it forces wordwrap... Wink
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Video & audio out of sync after a couple of minutes51