Android Video & audio out of sync after a couple of minutes
(2020-03-15, 12:12)Jerry911 Wrote: Issue still present in Kodi 18.6. Turning off the hardware acceleration for both Mediacodec settings in the processing section of player settings as suggested worked, but when I do that higher quality video's start playing back poorly.

Still present in kodi 18.7
Then file a bug with your firmware provider. Seems they did not implement mediacodec properly :-(
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
I've been chasing this trouble for quite awhile also.
As you say disabling Media codec acceleration stops the loss of A/V sync, but I've also found that if you change
the android setting in preferences/playback to output video from OSD Layer to video layer the trouble changes.
Instead of A/V sync loss the video freezes and the audio carries on for 10 seconds.
Then a resync happens, but 7 minutes and 57 seconds after resync the trouble repeats.
Leaving the android setting at OSD layer the A/V unsync happens at the same 7 minutes and 57 seconds but does
 not reset unless you seek back the video a few seconds.  Then from that point it happens again at the above time interval.
My Leia 18.8 was an overwrite install of Krypton 17.6 which never had this trouble.
I have a X8h with Finless Bob ron 1.0 and a X8H Plus with Minix Lollipop rom both running Leia 18.8.
Neither of these boxes have this trouble.
Just letting you know you're not alone.
If you look at the changelog under Android Specific:

1.12 Android Specific
Moved to Android API 26 and SDK 26 with NDK 18 as minimum (meaning at least Android 5.0 is still required)
Added support for speech-to-text in Kodi OSD keyboard on Android TV (triggered by voice button on remote)
Added support for Android to move the Kodi app to SD card[144]
Added support for Android TV Leanback search and recommendations meta data from Kodi[145]
Default setting for Android TV Leanback suggestion to random unwatched movies and music albums[146]
Changed Rendertype from GUILayer to VideoLayer for Android MediaCodecSurface[147]*************************************
Changed to use NDK native C interface for Android MediaCodec (for performance gains)[148]**********************************
Changed to support ZeroConf via native Android API (and deprecates mDNSresponder)[149]
Changed to support network information via native Android API (and deprecates POSIX)[150]
Changed handling of Kodi's Java interfaces via JNI for better consistency[151]

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Video & audio out of sync after a couple of minutes1
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