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Menu Widgets freezing and refreshing
I am Running a Titan build/Kodi 17.6 Krypton On a windows 10 PC and have started encountering a bug whilst tagging and building my menu layout.

I am running the titan skin with all the Netflix style menu add-on's, meaning everything is on one page that you can just scroll down forever (well not quite forever but you get what I mean)

And there lies the issue.

It's now started freezing momentarily whilst you are navigating through a menu, then it refresh's (blue circle in top left) and takes you right to the very top/beginning of the menu layout. :/

Sometimes I can't even scroll across or down more than 4/5 windows then it glitches and refresh's.

The file system is pretty large. x2 external hard drives. There is probably about 12tb of movies and Tv scraped onto it.

I'm aware of manually cleaning cache (as its running on a PC) and do that regularly already. I have also disabled the hardware acceleration DXVA2. All to no avail.

My housemate who also uses Kodi but with a different build, seems to think that the sheer amount of content scraped combined with an 'all on one page Netflix approach' is what's causing the problem.

Admittedly I do have around 70 menu's .. favourite directors , actors, genres and themes but I don't see why It would even be an option to be able to do this if it can't actually handle it?

I moved my build from an android box for the exact same kind of reason .. it was really lagging and showing blank entries in menus the further you scrolled down. So I started making a build on my PC to fully exploit better processing power and also for the added convenience of being able to use the 'export library' feature which is disabled on any android box, so I can auto generate NFO's for my full 12tb (and growing) library.

This is doing my head in. I can't figure out why it won't work correctly. If anything it actually worked BETTER on the android box as at least on the box the only problem was cosmetic (blank pictures on entries) where as with the PC build I can't navigate my menu's for longer than 20 seconds before it refresh's. You can't scroll with any kind of speed either through a menu or it will just freeze.

I'm not a total newb, Me and my housemate have been using kodi and learning how it all functions for about a year now, but that said I wouldn't know where to gather error reports or anything as in depth as that without guidance.

I'm running Windows 10 on an ASUS x64bit desktop
intel Pentium 2.41ghz / 8g Ram

The only other add ons I have running are - BACKUP and NEXT EPISODE.

Any help with this would be massively appreciated.

I'm reluctant to shorten down my widgets and have less menu's. feels like giving up on the dream of having my very own 'Netflix but bigger and better organised'

Thanks for any help.
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