[RELEASE] XBMC Remote Control on PSP (PlayStation Portable)
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So, this has been done before but it was a few years back. Nevertheless it may be of some use to people but more importantly it will benefit me (which is the reason I'm creating it). I've also never developed anything for communal use before so I figured it's about time I chipped in:

I'm currently attempting to create my own PSP interface to control XBMC through the web server. As I say, not an original idea but one which I am keen to carry out. It all works in Flash at the minute but I'm no actionscript pro (though I do know how to use Flash, mostly) so for now I'm having to exclude some of the functions I'd really like in there. So far I have:
  • D-pad navigation
  • Reboot Xbox
  • Shutdown Xbox
  • Go Back
  • Go Forward
  • Title menu
  • Add to playlist
  • Display button
  • Previous
  • Jump back
  • Stop
  • Pause
  • Jump forward
  • Next
  • Volume slider

I'm not ready to release it to the public yet (it functions but it's ugly and it needs more features) and quite frankly I need some help and/or advice. I'm using command=Action(###) and command=sendKey(###) at the moment but finding out exactly what these do is proving tricky.

For example (I don't have my stuff to hand so the examples will be vague), I can bring up the menu during playback (as though I had pressed the "Menu" button on the remote) but other functions seem to pend until a button is pressed on the remote. Furthermore this action doesn't work outside playback and another action emulates a press of the remote's "Menu" button.

Is there any documentation on what each numerical value does for Action and sendKey commands? Alternatively, can someone explain to me what key.h is, where I find it and how I read it?

Cheers Smile
If you want beta-tester, please contact me, I will enjoy to help you !!

Well, last night I found the info I needed and that means I can now start heading towards beta stage; what I currently have is barely alpha right now. Wink

I'll let you know if/when I need some help, though. Thanks for the offer and support. Smile
Good news !!! I'm waiting now your next post !
Do I take it that you worked out that key.h is the source file guilib\key.h and can be found here: http://xbmc.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/x...iew=markup

Yes it is and thanks for posting the link. I would have but I was posting from my Wii and didn't have it to hand. Tongue

No real news yet but this evening I started from scratch and now have more functions in and new/better functionality to match. I should have a build ready for public testing soon. I'm thinking of calling it PSPlayback.
If you have a PSP (Phat, not Slim) that can run unsigned code =) -- you can run a program called IRShell(.org) which has IR Remote (Phat) output. They have Pronto codes that work on over 2000 TVs/DVDs/Etc including XBox, there is even a themed version somewhere.
No it's no the IR remote control that we speak here but wifi remote control ....

So IRshell is not for the solution that iratecorpse try to develop.....

I was just saying that there is an alternative. I would also like to see a non-IR method, as it would give me a greater distance. I will monitor this page in hopes for updates. I would also like to beta? test if needed.

Ya, I can beta test also, but I just bought a location free player off ebay ($47.50 new...0.o) and it has an infared blaster built in, and you can hook it up to the base....

So, you log onto your base from the location free player, select your xbox, and you get the exact same thing that is on the screen....with like 3-5 seconds delay but whatever.....then you can go anywhere you have wifi...(even in africa...) ans still be able to control it, and even use the speakers and have your psp actually run xbmc
Well, it's been a really busy month for me at work so I haven't had time to put any work into this project, which makes me sad.

Current status is that the app works but is heavily limited by the connection speed and whatnot so there are often UI-crippling pauses between button presses and actions. I'm pretty sure this is out of my control and no amount of work on the app itself will improve that. There are also some complications with context-sensitive actions which I was trying to get my head around (such as opening the menu during video playback) which may require some quite longwinded user paths. I'd like to avoid this but we'll see...

I'm also yet to design it. Currently all the buttons are there but the layout and design of the thing is what I would call funtional, not pretty.

Having said that, when I get home tonight I'll try and remember to upload the most recent version. I'm thinking that it would be good to make this as open and public as possible, too, so anyone who feels they'd like to design a 'skin' for it or propose layout plans can feel free to - I'll consider all options simply to get this out and used.

I'm surprised this project has so much support as its usability is quite limited (as I think I've said before, I made it so I can switch tracks from the garden but that's pretty much the only use I have for it) but I am very pleased people are interested at all (hence the batch addition of token features).

Thanks for the support, guys. Hopefully I'll have a beta for you today Smile
Hi iratecorpse !

Where can I find this beta release ?

I used till now the XBMC Remote Interface V0.7.6b but this Version uses the 1.5 wifi driver so its only understand WEP secure but i have WPA.
If i can help u to check your versions or/and translate the GUI to german please let me know. I would be happy if your Version can understand WPA and i could try it out.

iratecorpse: Re "UI-crippling pauses between button presses and actions" are you sending the httpapi commands synchronously or asynchronously? If the former that's your problem.

Need anyone to test it out count me in

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