Color Space Question <Not The Usual
Something I noticed, might be insignificant..

Setup is as follows:
Nuc NUC7PJYH (J5005)
LibreElec 9.0.1 - Color space set to full and sync playback to display - All resolutions above 1080p are whitelisted.
Onkyo AVR set to do nothing to video signal.
Sony Bravia 4K - Color space set to auto

All sources (PS3,PS4 Pro, Dune Solo 4k, Intel Nuc) look fine when testing with AVS HD 709 black level clip.
Bars 17-25 flash and white levels are great on other test clips. 

The only strange thing I noticed is on all other sources when I raise the value of the black level, 16 and above gradually begin to flash.
Normal of course if you have ever done calibration.

However on the Nuc, when I raise the black level values the bars don't gradually begin to flash.
Could anyone explain this behavior, and advise if it is something to be concerned about?
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Color Space Question <Not The Usual00