RC6/MCE with Fire Stick Gen 1?
have a fire stick gen 1 missing the original remote i have on a rarely used tv.  Also have a USB OTG Y cable, a lenovo ir receiver, and a lenovo mce/rc6 remote.  Hooked it all up, the IR receiver lights up when it seems remote button pushes, but nothing happens on the fire stick.  Is there a way to make this work?  Maybe a helper app to convert IR to keyboard presses?  Im trying to pay close to $0 if possible.  If im going to invest any money, a newer fire stick (with remote) isnt too spendy so it doesnt make too much sense to spend too much on a FLIRC or new remote.

If the MCE remote route wont work I also have a Fire Cube remote and Nvidia Shield TV remote sitting around too, but neither will pair to the Fire Stick.  

HDMI-CEC works but there are no menu and home buttons, so its not super useful.

Fire App on my phone works, but I HATE using my phone as a remote.  Its so clunky.
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RC6/MCE with Fire Stick Gen 1?00