TinyMediaManager Deletes Posters In Extras Folder

Long time Kodi user. Just joined. First post! Smile

I just started using the "Special Features" add-on for Kodi 18. I write the required sfnfo files manually.

The directory structure looks like this:

Upon renaming, TinyMediaManager leaves the files intact, but deletes all the posters. If the program notices the first "-poster.jpg" (in this case, "Brothers In Arms-poster.jpg") it deletes "poster.jpg" from the main directory, and "Brothers In Arms-poster.jpg" becomes the new "poster.jpg"

Now, I could just not use the rename function. But the first "-poster.jpg" inside the Extras folder immediately shows up as the poster for the film.

On the left, how it should look. On the right, after it notices posters in the extras folder.
Of course, this is just visual and has no affect when the movie is loaded into Kodi.

How can I stop TinyMediaManager from deleting/recognizing posters/fanarts I place inside the Extras folder? I'm constantly moving / added lots of media to my library and can't live without the renaming feature  Angel

Lastly, will support for writing sfnfo come to tinyMediaManager?   Cool

Thanks for this excellent software! Keep up the great work! Big Grin

Well, yes.
Initially, TMM searches recursive for all known files.
A poster has multiple naming conventions, and some user prefer the one over the other (or even both).
In fact, a movie can only have ONE poster.... so we take the first...

The extras folder has been introduced later in Kodi, only for videos - where we have some special handling.

But now we have the situation, that NFOs & posters, maybe fanarts and everything also can be there...
This is where we have to completely rethink that feature, and doing some (major) rework there....

As first workaround, we could not touch the "Extras" folder at all, removing current functionality....
Needs some internal discussions, where we want to go with our now very limited time....
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