FLIRC / Kodi Remote Commands
Howdy.  Apologies if I missed this, but I'm using a Harmony remote to control OSMC/Kodi ('Computer' device set up as 'Microsoft', 'Flirc', 'Kodi'), and can't find a command setting for either 'Instant Record' or 'Previous Channel'.  I'd like to assign them to the corresponding hard buttons on the remote, do such animals exist?

Thanks in advance.
The FLIRC converts the IR inputs to keyboard keypresses, and the keypresses Kodi accepts are in the wiki - keyboard (wiki).

Previous channel looks to be key 0 (zero), although that's actually swap between the last two channels (which may or may not be close enough?).

But what you can also do is use the keymap editor (or just manually create your own keymap (wiki)) to add keys specifically for the functions that you want, and then assign those to the buttons on the remote via the FLIRC app.
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