Nvidia GPU Settings
My Windows 10 HTPC has a Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 connected to my A/V receiver with HDMI, then HDMI to my 1080p (Epson EMP-TW2000) projector.
I am running all my movies (1080p max), home videos, etc. using the standard video player in Kodi.

In that video chain I want to set Kodi/GPU/Projector up as Full:Full:Full or Limited:Full:Limited.
Setting Kodi and the projector as Full or Limited is easy.
However I'm not sure if the GPU is doing Full (0-255).
In Nvidia Control Panel I can definitely set the GPU to Full. However to do this I have to use the Nvidia settings, instead of the "video player" settings.
I am worried that if I do that, Nvidia will automatically start doing other processing that I don't want -Color Correction, Gamma, de-noise, smooth video, edge enhancement, etc.

Can anyone help to ensure I'm only getting what I want from the GPU?
Is there any way I can check what the Nvidia card is doing?

I asked Nvidia about this and after a bit of to and fro, I received this :-

[color="Blue"]Thank you for the update
We do understand your concern, however unfortunately there are no options to control the display settings partially by the GeForce card. Once you select the option for the card to control, the complete settings are controlled by the graphics card itself and would not be application controlled
Warm Regards,
NVIDIA Customer Care[/color]
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