Bug Android. Fire Stick 4K. Kodi 18.0 and later. Audio out of sync for all videos.
The issue exists on Fire TV Cube v2 for all audio codecs, but I am not seeing the 300ms delay that others are with the 4K stick. On the TV Cube v2 the delay is so small, and thus the variance between codecs is tiny, that a small adjustment of the sync delay fixes it well enough for nearly all videos. 

Do you think the Fritsch build will work on the Fire TV Cube's hexacore?
I think so - yes: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/test-builds/andro...bi-v7a.apk
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For me it was turning off Dolby audio on the firestick I had turned it on a week before and that is when the sync problems started, simple fix
(2020-05-28, 21:24)fritsch Wrote: I think so - yes: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/test-builds/andro...bi-v7a.apk
@fritsch First of all, thanks for your effort in providing the fix. At the moment, the above link you provided is not working anymore... I'm getting a "Not Found". Would it be possible to check and if applicable provide a working link?
Or is it just me?

Thanks and regards,
In the meantime, just in case it helps anyone else, this fix helped me, especially the "Clear Cache" part.
But I guess this is only relevant for people who can live with stereo playback Tongue
(2020-05-02, 19:52)fritsch Wrote: Okay - then I can do nothing for you. All the testers in HW forum tested many different files and checked A/V sync. Everything is working fine according to their testing and for my personal testing as well, obviously.


I installed your apk and still seem to have issues with audio delay. More specifically: I get an audio delay of 175-200ms for any file I play.
I tried switching the fire stick's surround sound settings but that didn't help. I enabled and disabled pass-trough and that doesn't seem to change anything.
I tested on 2 tvs and with a Bluetooth headset, they all show that same delay.
You can find my log file here: https://paste.kodi.tv/ohazejasew.kodi
I can do further testing if needed. Thanks in advance!
LG TV.  Latest HDMI standard Yamaha receiver.  4K firestick.  Kodi playing mkv files over DLNA.

AC3, DTS, DTS-HD MA all are in sync.  FLAC needs to offset the audio forward about 200ms.  

Is there a way to global offset audio by codec? Like no offset for ac3 and dts, but offset +200ms on FLAC?
I saw the audio sync issue described here with my Insignia 4K Fire TV (2018) and Kodi 18.9. Downloaded the latest Kodi 19 nightly and audio sync is good now on all files tested. Thanks @fritsch!

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Android. Fire Stick 4K. Kodi 18.0 and later. Audio out of sync for all videos.3
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