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I am trying to get my remote codes displayed. Can I create the advancedsettings.xml in text and save as .xml file.

I used the syntax out of the wiki but no dice. I have an mce remote uirt hooked to this test machine it works with xbmc on this machine as far as up, down etc... but I see no codes when I press a button.




This is what I have in the .xml file.


<displayremotecodes> does not function on the SDL builds. A patch would be welcome.
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Are the codes given when using xev in Linux the same? Are they obc codes as well. I don't know if this would be of any help, but I have a neat little tool that is an irt device that I can hook to my pc and point any remote at it and press a button and the software will give me a an rs-232 code and the ir code. I used to use it when doing Audio Design Associates pre-amp programming for crestron etc..


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