OS X multiscreen 3D video playback for gallery video installation?
(Also posted in feature request forum, posting here in case any current capabilities natively or through plug-ins)

Curious whether this would possible for art gallery 3D video installation:
synchronised simultaneous playback of separate stereo3D 24fps frame-packing video files to separate projector outputs.

Synchronised playback of side by side 3D files is possible with players such as VLC, however only for regular 2D content, or compressed side-by-side 3D content fitting into 1920x1080p frame, which cuts resolution in half.

Kodi playing frame packed 3D content natively is very interesting for maintaining high image fidelity.... just need to be able to synchronise multiple files to multiple screens (2-3). Anyone out there familiar with whether such plugins exist, or the coding this would require?
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