Receiving mpeg transport signal via ffmpeg
I have a Magewell 4K capture card, which I believe is not supported. The card does not output a mpeg transport stream.

If I convert the card output using ffmpeg so that it is still 4K, but in the correct format, can NPVR work with it?
This post would be better on the NextPVR forum since it has nothing to do with Kodi.    If you have the technical skill to create an http mpegts stream from the card with ffmpeg in addition to the tuning request in the tuning batch file it might be possible.   Also because the card appears to support DirectShow there might be another option if you can create an appropriate mpegts graph.  If you don't have the skills I wouldn't bother with this

This device will not work with NextPVR.
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Receiving mpeg transport signal via ffmpeg00