Scraping TVDB in FRENCH ?

How scraping TVDB in French ?

scraper settings
spiff Wrote:scraper settings

OK, Thanks.

I've just see my problem ......
I use the Skin AEOn and in this skin I don't have the scaper settings Rolleyes
weird, are u sure? go to the set content dialog
hope this is a good place

after last update i have problem with scraping TVDB in polish

platform xbox
all my TV Shows file are stored in folder with english title name
i set language scraper settings to "pl"

in results i have English info (not only as fallback, but always)

i edit tvdb.xml scraper in GetSearchResults output url to this
Quote:<url cache="\1.xml">\1/all/$INFO[language].zip</url>
just replace "/2" from RegExp (mostly "en") with $INFO[language]

is this a good fix?

i also try to edit NfoUrl output to this
here just replace "en" with $INFO[language]
but after this edit my tvshow.nfo file don't working at all

no, that will completely DESTROY the language compatibility stuff. the \2 is there for that very reason (only on SEARCH shall we specify the preferred language, the \2 is the language of the returned matched).

i dont see why polish shouldnt work, it definitely works for german (which is the only one i tested apart from english). i havent tested xbox though. in any case butchering the scraper is NOT the solution, figuring out WHAT the error is.

currently scraper settings isnt loaded when NfoUrl is called, it has been on my list for a while...
i don't want to butchering the scraper at allNo

my problem is english title as a search string
you need to search using the polish name? in that case its a backend issue not ours. i searched using the english title when i did my german tests i believe.

you have an example series for me?
I use multi-profie xbmc with different language set per profile

TV show example
"Keeping Up Appearances"

folder name on xbox hdd - Keeping Up Appearances

there is no problem in my wife english set and "en" scraper settings, but in my polish profile i set scraper to "pl" (u can set it to "de")

mayby i do something wrong, but is search results window i can choose only
Keeping Up Appearances (en) and all info is in english

There is nothing like
"Keeping Up Appearances (pl)" or "Co ludzie powiedzą? (pl)"

German title for this show is "Mer Schein als Sein"
i also have problems searching for some series. maybe it´s an unicode problem?

when i search for Scrubs, xbmc (xbox) doesnt find the german series.

german title: 'Scrubs - Die Anfänger'

another example is 'Krömer - Die internationale Show' (same title in english and xbmc finds the english title)

and smuto has problems with 'Co ludzie powiedzą?'

so, for me it looks like a 'strange letters' problem.

xbox: latest t3ch build - alpha4

on my pc beta1 xbmc finds the german title, but the title is messed up, see screenshot:


it works on my xbox with beta1 now. but 'umlauts' etc are messed up like on the screenshot.

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