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Pellucid isn't caching images/thumbnails?
OS: Win10 Pro x64 v1809
Kodi: v18.2
Skin: Pellucid v2.1.0
Movies etc. are saved on a NAS

Hey there first of all I love this skin to pieces! <3

I've got a problem to which I really don't have an answer to, regarding the caching of fanart and posters in my library. Thing is, Pellucid doesn't seem to like the caching funtion very much.

I did a clean install of Kodi v18.2 like two weeks ago and looking for a new and shiny skin to use, i installed Pellucid v2.1.0. Looked great, but something was off.

Scrolling through the movie library lagged HARD. I could hear the HDDs in my NAS working whenever I scrolled downed a few other movies in my library.

I did some tinkering in the userdata and found the thumbnail folders to be empty, save for a few thumbs from youtube addons and skin icons. Turns out, somehow Kodi didn't cache the fanart and posters for anything. A bit strange, but i thought nothing off it and used good old texturecache.py to enforce caching of everything. The thumbnail folders got populated and everything shouldve been fine. But the lagging continued, and my NAS was working whenever i selected another movie, loading posters and fanart.
I deleted the thumb cache and tried installing another Skin. The Cache was filled immediately upon scrolling through the movie library..

So the conclusion seems to be that my install of Pellucid just doesnt want to use the cached pictures or cache them itself? I'm kinda at my wits end here.

Things I've tried:
  • force a recaching with texturecache.py
  • delete the thumbnails and textures13.db and force recaching again
  • install another skin, it did the caching no hassle
  • reinstall Kodi and the skin
  • rescrape my library

Are there some advanced logs I could look into, any pointers folks? 🤔
Thanks a bunch for your interesting post, I got the same issue and I thought I was the only one... ;-)

I am also greatly interested for a fix!
Sorry folks, I haven't the slightest clue what's going on here. Pellucid doesn't have anything to do with image caching i'm afraid.
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