Can a Boxee Box read ext3 drives

My parents have no internet at one location. So our old Boxee Box is the media center of choice. Since Rokus require internet and mostly everything nowadays. Alternative suggestions welcome for media centers that can read movies off a RHDD without internet.

In a few days the Boxee wil be shipped to me to troubleshoot, it is acting slugglish.

I am presuming I might need to fsck the root drive, not sure how to access that as a NAS drive.

The manual for the Boxee does not say which filesystems a RHDD needs to be in to read from it.

I had the drive in FAT format before. But now im wondering if I can use a FS of ext3 instead to bypass a lot of other potential issues.

My question is can a Boxee read ext2/3 drives. Any journaling filesystem will do.
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Can a Boxee Box read ext3 drives00