kodi crashing randomly on startup even after clean reinstall
hello, I reinstalled my windows 7 to windows 10 a few days ago and just got Kodi, it was working fine for a few hours but for some reason (im not sure what caused it) it now crashes after startup. I immediately tried to fix the issue by testing launch with admin, removing portable mode etc but to no avail, i reinstalled kodi and removed the appdata folder several times but the crashes keeps happening a few seconds after kodi is launched.

Not to sure how to interpret kodi log files/crash dump, so i would love to get some help.

Log after crash:
upevifituw.kodi (paste)

Also i guess something to note is that it doesnt "crash", the window just closes like if i closed it myself and the exe with it.
You need to enable debug logging - probably by making an advancedsettings.xml file and chucking it in userdata (detailed in the wiki).

Try starting it with any joysticks / controllers unplugged first though.
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kodi crashing randomly on startup even after clean reinstall00