can this be done with a smart playlist in Kodi 18?
I figured out a way to do it, but it would require a playlist and a smart playlist for every album I want to use (30) which would be kind of sloppy and make my playlists look filled with clutter. Here's what I'm attempting to do.

make a playlist for every album
then make a smart playlist  for every album and limit it to 1 song per album
then make a master smart playlist that pulls from the other smart playlists and is limited to 15 tracks.

Now this could work, well in theory because I haven't done it yet.  The only problem is, my lists of playlists would have 61 playlists from this. Which is too many for my OCD to handle. Now maybe there isn't another way to pull this off.  But I have a pea brain and often over-complicate things. So I thought I'd ask here, so maybe I can be saved from making 61 playlists.

If that sounds confusing because I don't know how to explain, here's a 3 line break down

I have 30 albums.
I'd like a smart playlist that has 15 random songs from 30 said albums.
But has no more than 1 song from any given album.

I don't have access to my PC until tomorrow so I'm trying to figure this out in my head, this is what I have so far.

non smart playlists:
playlist1 -  Songs from Curtis Mayfields greatest hits
playlist2 - Songs from Isleys Brother's greatest hits
(one of these for each album (30 total))

smart playlists:
smart playlist1
match all rules 
- playlist is playlist1
last played is not in the last 15 days
limit to 1 items by random
(one of these smart playlists for each playlist)

master smartplaylist
"match any rules"
"playlist is [smart playlist1]"
"playlist is [smart playlist2]"
^ to [smart playlist30]
"limit to 15 items by random"

I know there are some people here who are godly and can open a text editor and code a playlist by hand. Perhaps there's a way this can be done with less than 61 playlists lol. And I'd have to add another 2 playlists every time I added a new greatest hits album.
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can this be done with a smart playlist in Kodi 18?00