playlist from itunes in Kodi?
Yes, I do this across my Kodi boxes.

In iTunes, highlight your playlist then go to File - Library - Export Playlist. There is an option for ‘Format’ -select M3U and export the file.

Next, you have to ensure the paths inside the M3U file match your media source structure. I’m on a Mac, so my export looks like: /Volumes/Music/band/song.mp3. My nas sources are NFS mounts in /etc/tab so the equivalent path from the Kodi perspective is /storage/ServerMusic/band/song.mp3. In your favourite text editor (I use Atom), do a global replace from /Volume/Music to /storage/ServerMusic, and the M3U file is now a Kodi playlist file.

If you save the file in ./userdata/playlists/music it will show up in Kodi as a playlist and you should be good to go.

If you have more than one Kodi and I assume you do since you are using MySQL, then create a Music directory in your media source. I put mine in ServerMusic/_playlists, and then used path substitution in the advanced settings file to point to it.

I am on OSMC Vero4k+ so the paths might be different but here is what I did:

<to>nfs://your.ip.address/export/Music/_playlists/<to> *note: /export/Music is /storage/ServerMusic
<to>nfs://your.ip.address/export/Music/_playlists/<to> *note: /export/Music is /storage/ServerMusic

Now when you save the M3U file to you NAS _playlists/music/your.m3u, all your Kodi boxes (with the path substitution in advanced settings) should be able to see and play the iTunes playlist.

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