Solved ProgressBar doesn't close after a library scan/update.
Hi again Ronie Smile

My re-install of a clean system, as mentioned in the Weather gifs thread, has allowed me to identify the source of another niggle that has been around since updating to Kodi 18 Leia.

Whenever a library scan or update is triggered the progress bar at the top of the screen with the "Scanning for new content" text stays open, after scan is complete.
(Presumably this is the multi-purpose DialogExtendedProgressBar.xml sub-window)

I tested by completely wiping my system and re-installing a fresh LibreELEC 9.02 (Kodi 18.2 Leia) & Transparency 11.0.8, without any addons not made mandatory by the system or skin.
The problem doesn't happen with Estuary - only when I enable Transparency.
Debug log doesn't show any problematic items in the media being scanned.

The only useful thing I can see that may be related is that doing the scan operation in Transparency doesn't seem to call a window de-init.

In both Estuary & Transparency, at the end of a scan, there's a debug announcement for:
CAnnouncementManager - Announcement: OnScanFinished from xbmc

and Estuary follows this with:
------ Window Deinit (DialogExtendedProgressBar.xml) ------

... but Transparency doesn't seem to trigger that.
(2019-05-20, 21:07)kurai Wrote: a library scan or update is triggered the progress bar at the top of the screen
This progress bar can be disabled in settings>media>library>hide progress of library updates. It may not be the work-round you want, but I don't have this problem with windows or android with T! and suspect this might be part of a hardware limitation in combination with the o/s (viewing your other post) although your observation is noted, a full debug log of the issue is always requested to facilitate knowledgeable inspection.
Yeah - just hiding the issue instead of fixing it is not my ideal way of working Smile

The progress bar serves a useful purpose (when operating as intended) by letting me know if a scan update is getting hung up on a new library item, or if the media source (NAS) is unreachable, or if the metadata scraping host is slow/down/whatever, or in the case of a very long scan update (like my large music library) how long I have to wait until I can turn the machine off ... etc. 

It's also not an inherent issue in hardware or underlying OS ... the progress bar has behaved properly previously.  Unfortunately I can't recall exactly when I first took note of the niggle, so not sure if it was after a version bump of Kodi or of Transparency that it showed up :/

I might as well get around to uploading a debug log, just for the sake of good Kodi problem solving etiquette, if nothing else  *grin*
Here's the promised Level 1 debug report: yoqacinote.kodi (paste)
Karellen  pointed me in the right direction, in my other thread, and solved both my progress-bar & weather gif problems in one go.  What a hero  Love

Turns out the `experimental` Kodi v18 Leia setting for smartredraw ( causing both the gif animation & progress-bar weirdnesses.
(The dirtyregions handling parts have no effect on this particular issue, and continue to keep GPU load sensible)

For informational purposes the function and it's drawbacks are referenced here: [Github xbmc:master] Improve GUI message handling / gui :: smartredraw #12213
Thread marked solved.
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