Req Move to series terminology instead of timer
What the heck is a timer?   On about every other DVR we use you have options to record single episode, record all episodes, record current season, only record new episodes,etc.

I realize that Kodi is trying to be all things to all people but right now with a TVheadend backend my wife is unable to create a season recording to only record new episodes of a show.  I have to do that manually from the website.  That is not a good experience.

Just my opinion of course.
A timer is a PVR Recording Rule. Some Europeans might ask 'What is a season? Is that the same as a series?

The solution might be in the language file. Add series terminology to your Language file. Find strings.po in the addon folder(...\addons\resource.language.your language\resources\strings.po) for you language and search and replace 'timer'.

Your wife will appreciate it.

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Move to series terminology instead of timer00