Missing Guide when Multiple PVR Clients Enabled
Hey guys,

Has anyone had or seen this issue where having multiple PVR Client enabled (TVHeadend and IPTV Simple Client) enabled causes the Program Guide to only display Data from ONE of the Clients. E.g. I have EPG data in both and all channels appear and have data but when i look at the guide. Only Data from the TVHeadend shows.
Try going to settings>>>PVR and Live TV settings.
Check the client priority. If they are both set to zero, then probably that's the issue.
If they are both set to zero, try setting one to 'Zero' and the 2nd to 'One' and hopefully that might fix the issue.
Nope don't think it's that as I have one set to 0 and the other 1. Doesn't matter which way I have them only the tvheadend pvr shows data in the guide if both are enabled.. if I disable one or the other the guides show the data for enabled pvr fine..
Hmmm, a bit of mystery then. I know I've seen the same behaviour in the past, but both of my clients were set to zero. Maybe clearing the guide cache in the PVR settings and restarting Kodi afterwards might do the trick. Failing that, you will probably need to report the issue with a full debug log.
Having the same issue with iptv & hdhomerun. Clearing the cache only works until the next guide update hits.
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Missing Guide when Multiple PVR Clients Enabled00