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Channel Group and channel ordering issues with v19 Leia
Hello, I've encountered an issue with the new Leia release concerning Channel order in user created Channel Groups.
Background: I'm using a Mythtv backend for TV via satellite. been using mythtv for 8 yrs or so - familiar with it - have no problems but recently have started using it with the UK Freesat serveice (as I'm in france...) Clearly there are hundreds of channels but having hidden all those I'm not interested in - the channel order from backend is broadcast channel id  (NOT Freesat order from Freesat Box). It's a pain to change; gets lost on each channel rescan; a script can be done but I'm ot a Mysql guru..

Issue: I now use Kodi frontends - easier for my wife to manage especially with four tuner cards involved. In v18 Krypton I disabled all channel group and order synchronisation with backend. I created two Channel groups TV and Radio; allocated the channels - these appear in the lists in the order selected at time of adding to group which is what I want.
However on updating to v19 Leia; the same actions cause channels to be added to the created group in seemingly random order which is irritating to say the least as the whole point of doing this is to er... have them in the order I want

Tried this on kodi over Linux; LibreELEC and Android installs on various machines and problem is the same (not tried on Windows machine as I have had none since 1996...)

Has anyone else noticed this?
Any clues to the problem - bug?

Regards John
V19 == Matrix
V18 == Leia
V17 == Krypton
You created the channel groups with Kodi channel group manager or with mythTV?
(2019-05-24, 12:50)ksooo Wrote: You created the channel groups with Kodi channel group manager or with mythTV?
OK, I got the number wrong (from memory). Basically it IS Leia with the issue.

Tried to make it clear that the channel groups were created with Kodi Channel Group Manager.

Doing it with mythtv would mean editing all the channel IDs which would be overwritten at next rescan
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Channel Group and channel ordering issues with v19 Leia00