The 10KB avatar file size limit is insanely small
Hello! I just made an account here, and wanted to upload an avatar. The 100x100 pixel limitation wasn't a problem at all, I just exported a 96x96 image to use.

Then I saw that the file size limit was 10KB. My image was 13KB. (I'm using PNG, both for transparency and because my image is a vector with large uniform areas.)

So I installed pngcrush and optimized the image. That got me down to...10884 bytes. Still over the limit.

Then I installed optipng and used that to strip the PNG's metadata as well. That got me down to 10170 bytes, which is still over 10 1000-KB but under 10 1024-KB (the distinction is relevant here!) so it finally worked.

So trying to cram PNGs under the 10KB limit can be pretty difficult. (: Would you mind increasing it to, say, 20KB instead?
The problem is we currently have 363718 members. Admittedly far from all of them are active, and some don't set avatars.

But if we have to store even a reasonable percentage of those, the additional 10KB per user quickly mounts up...

And you can still have a nice looking avatar even with the 10KB limit (and perhaps a little work), as your own one shows Wink
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I had that problem as well, the original size was 13kb as a png.  I got it under by saving it as a jpg.  That was the most trouble I've had with posting an avatar and I've been to many forums.
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The 10KB avatar file size limit is insanely small00