FF-MPEG4 playback issues after upgrade
Wondering if someone can point me in the right direction on an issue I’m having. I recently wiped away an older install of Kodi (can’t remember the version, may have been 15.x or 16.x, but was running on Kodibuntu). I did a fresh install of 18.2 via the latest stable LibreELEC. Since the change, I am having issues with mpeg4 content. Playback is not smooth.

Again, mpeg4 seems to be the common denominator. All other content seems to be working fine. Ex Better quality (720p, 1080p) content, with different codecs. One thing to note when the issue is occurring: I see the dropped counter increment like crazy (multiple per second). This is not happening with other codecs.

Underlying hardware did not change. It is an intel-based build with a somewhat older i3 processor (from maybe 2011-2013).

Let me know if I missed any details. I can and will post a debug later when I get a chance, assuming it helps. Just wanted to see if there’s anything obvious I’m missing.

Has ffmpeg been upgraded too?
The codec issue may be related to the ffmpeg version.
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FF-MPEG4 playback issues after upgrade00