How to get Dolby Atmos to work
Hello all,

I’ve just bought an LG SL10YG sound bar. Before receiving it, I downloaded a bunch of Dolby Atmos demo videos but I can’t get them to work. The sound bar always receives audio in PCM format. Confused

My setup:
TV = 55POS9002 (Philips Android TV)
Kodi (Leia) setup on the TV itself
TV and sound bar connected through HDMI ARC

On Kodi, selected 7.1 audio, enabled audio pass-through and enabled all audio formats (Dolby Atmos and DTS-X weren’t there though).

On the TV audio config settings I tried different things like « multi-channel » or « Dolby Digital ». No matter what, the sound bar kept saying it was receiving a PCM signal.

I read old answers saying that HDMI ARC might not be able to send through DTS-X or Dolby Atmos data but will be able with an update.

Question : is it still impossible to get Dolby Atmos through HDMI ARC?

I also have an Nvidia Shield I disconnected when I’ve been able to install Kodi straight to my TV. Should I reconnect it and how? Perhaps with an HDMI splitter so I get one HDMI câble going to my TV and one to the Sound bar?

Thanks a lot for your help.
HDMI ARC does not have enough data capacity to support the transmission of Dolby Atmos content that is encoded using Dolby TrueHD.
(2019-05-26, 22:37)Sekh Wrote: On Kodi, selected 7.1 audio
Select 2.0 channels audio in settings for audio pass through HDMI. An HDMI splitter will introduce some handshaking problems. Dolby Atmos is a proprietary format and as such hardware manufactures pay royalties to Dolby for the privilege of incorporation into their hardware. I haven't heard of any magic sauce that fixes this. Audio quickstart guide (wiki)
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