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Solved [Android] HowTo Disable Trailer / Youtube Feature?
When scrolling through my files or videos using the scroll bar, another "right"-click on the remote starts some kind of youtube trailer download.

This is so annoying for me since I do not need this feature at all but regularly press "right" on my remote while already using the scrollbar.

I cannot disable the youtube-dl Control since ExtendedInfoScript is installed. I would like to keep EIS and get rid of the trailer-function.

Is there a way to disable this? Where might I find the command that maps the right-click to start said feature?
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That's a good point.

Didn't see this as a problem, as I have locally stored trailers for all movies and use this feature all the time.

I will make this a skin setting enabled by default.

You can disable this feature in the next development and official version.
Skin Settings > Media > Videos > Right clicking scrollbar plays trailer
I have just pushed a new version to my development repo.

Please let me know if everything works as expected.


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Brilliant! Thumbs up, works very nice, thanks for your quick and excellent service!
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Great, glad you like it.

Let me know if you have any other issues or suggestions.
Hi Gade, 

since Kodi 18.2 crashes when I try to resume a video, I need to switch back to Kodi 17.6 until the issue might get identified and fixed. 

Your current development version of Rapier does not seem to work with Krypton. 

Is there any possibility you can implement the "Skin Settings > Media > Videos > Right clicking scrollbar plays trailer" option in a former Rapier Version that is suited for Krypton? 

Much obliged!
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Rapier v11 only  works with Kodi 18.

You need to downgrade to Rapier v10.
The skin setting is also added to that version.
Current development version is 10.5.37
Found it here https://github.com/gade01/repository.gad...0.5.37.zip

This is so very nice, thanks!
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Exactly. Great! Smile
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