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Not 100% sure which forum to post this in.  I'm a long time media portal user.  I did run KODI on my windows box with MP as backend for a while as a test.  Just got a NVIDIA Shield TV.  Now I'm trying to run KODI on it.  I'd  like to use KODI as the front end for everything.  The interface is appropriate for a TV, it does series management, movies, music, pictures as  HTPC should do.  I find android TV to just be android running on my tv.  It is by no means a HTPC experience.  So far I have been switching back between KODI and the Live Channels app for TV/DVR.  Is there a plug in so that KODI can use the Live Channels App as the backend?  (I know I can set up a myriad of backends on another box, or I can setup plex or hdhomerun paid services.  Live Channels is free, media portal is free)  

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