MySQL-Server in XBMC?
Hi, I am quite new to the scene, so please be nice to me =]

is it possible to run a MySQL Server in xbmc to be able to display my own sites using sql databases instead of the xbmc web interface? (not that I don't like it, i would try to build the controlling modules into my page Wink )

anything is possible if *you* want to do the work. what exactly do you want to do anyway? what does "display my own sites" mean?
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i mean... xbmc has that web-interface from which you can control the media stored on the xbox from your webbrowser of your pc via LAN.
and the html files of which the web-interface consists, are stored in a folder called "web" somewhere in the xbmc folder on the xbox. so i think it must be possible to install, for example, a lansuite or CMS into that folder. but for being able to use them, a MySQL Server is required, which manages the databases that are needed by the CMS.
well, i dont have any experience on writing programs that run with xbmc.....
I'm not sure exactly what you want to do BUT, you can host your files on your own server with MySQL support, and use the httpapi commands.

What are you trying to do with a cms anyways? I can't think of why you'd want one to control your xbox? Unless I'm totally misunderstand what you want to do.

The more specific you are with what you're trying to do the more help you'll get.
Also for the device sqlite would fit in much more, and guess what, it is already there. I'm sure it would not be too much of a task to hook up python to it, if it isn't already. Since your only going to have a couple people accessing it I suspect most DB servers would be far too bloated for what you want.
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