A submenu as main menu?
I've got a RPi with DAC setup as my music front end.
So, the only goal for this setup is to access music. I love the Transparency Skin for this!
I have disabled all non relevant menu options, and only have 'Music', with a submenu enabled.
Is there a way, to replace the Home menu 'Music, so that it just always shows the submenu of music.
So that submenu becomes my only main menu?
Many thanks.
(2019-05-29, 21:13)Stefke Wrote: replace the Home menu 'Music, so that it just always shows
Your 'image' is the picture worth a thousand words. Have you tried settings>startup>startup window >music? Once directly in the music librar, nodes can be added or subtracted.

I have not tested out all the skins, so I'm a little unsure what skin is most suited, but as this is the T! forum. Using T! and the gui interface, you have 3 custom buttons on the Home page which can be anything and one main 'music'. I would start with these four, with the 'other' 3 custom buttons set-up as music 'nodes' using Add-on:Library Node Editor (wiki) then linking them to the custom menu buttons through favourites or accessable directly from the music library start up, each button would take you into a sub menu of music. At one point with enough experience in the interface you will be able to mod the skin to either add more custom buttons, or replace the interface buttons (skinning at that point).

Yeah, I had already set the Start to menu option 'Music' (but hey, it is the only option left anyway.
So my thoughts now was to not even have this, but replace it altogether with just the submenu options, so they are effectively becoming my main menu.

I'm new to Kodi, and skins, but I'll do some digging in your suggested route, and see if I can make sense of it.
Looks a bit daunting at first though (but I like a challenge).

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A submenu as main menu?0
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