Microsoft Remotes + LM Remote Key = XBMC remote control!
#1 How-To

1) Download LM Remote Keymap and install.

2) On first run it will ask you to choose your Remote. This is REALLY asking for your IR Receiver, NOT the remote you will be using. Select appropriately. E.G. I'm using an Media Center Remote with a USB-UIRT receiver. I choose "USB-UIRT Receiver" -- yes it is confusing. Hopefully the dev will change the terminology.

3) Find the LM Remote KeyMap system tray icon (must be running, of course) and right-click and choose 'Open Config & Log Folder'

4) Find the XML that it created for the config (name will not contain words 'settings' or 'profiles' or 'trace')

5) Use the appropriate XML I have provided and rename it to match the file that exists in the 'LM Remote KeyMap' folder. Overwrite the existing file with the renamed file.

XMLs provided...

Linked are nearly complete XMLs for US versions of Microsoft Remotes:
  • XBOX & Media Center Extender = MS MCE Ext+XBOX.xml
  • Media Center v2 = MS MCE v2.xml

I have also attached a profiles.xml for LM Remote KeyMap but I'm not sure it is necessary. It might be needed to map special activities, not sure. You can do detailed setup and also import this profiles.xml by double-clicking the tray icon.

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
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