Is there a way to get TMM to ignore words when scraping?
I'm trying to organise/scrape my large collection of TV shows and movies, and although TMM pretty successfully ignores words etc. at the end of file or folder names when scraping movies, it doesn't seem to do the same with TV shows?

As an example, if I have a show in a folder that is "showname s01e01" I can't see how to get TMM to ignore the episode number and any extra info in the folder name when looking for the show.

Likewise if I have a whole season of a show, it'll generally be named "Showname (Season 1)", so I'm wondering if there's a way to tell TMM (for example) to ignore anything in brackets when scraping shownames?

it wouldn't be a big deal if it was a couple of shows, but I have over 200 shows and it takes at least 30 seconds to scrape each show, then I have to manually confirm, so it's going to defeat the point of doing it automatically if I have to sit there and delete exta words etc. and confirm every single show.
Please create some dummy directory structure / screenshot from your datasource!

A folder "showname s01e01" is not a show - its a single episode!
If it is already inside of a show folder - the name is not important.
We only need the S/E numbers... and the final name will bescraped...

the first level of folders in your TV datasource is solely for the showname.
Put all episodes in there (unstructured - we'll find them)
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Is there a way to get TMM to ignore words when scraping?00