Solved [v18] Netflix and Amazon add-ons
(2019-06-09, 20:17)flavict Wrote: @Gade
with 11.2.41 everything under TV is messed up. TV guide have no description. TV recording is blank.

Thanks for reporting.

Some copy/paste errors found their way into 11.2.41. :-)

I have just pushed a new version (11.2.42) to my development repo.
Can you confirm that the issues are fixed?

Would like to confirm...if 11.2.42 was available in your dev repo. Latest versuin still 11.2.41  ;o)

11.2.43 pushed to the repo.

I tested with one Windows machine, which automatically updated to the latest dev version.
edit: I did it on an other Kodi that I have and it worked. Confirming that all TV stuff is back.

will try to troubleshoot my other Kodi.


Now update 11.2.42 is available. But when updating I am getting an update failed.ImageImage
(2019-06-09, 12:15)Gade Wrote: @ClausMM: Did you see my reply?

Yes thank you. I think I described the problem inaccurately.

After I installed Amazon, as described in "Netflix_and_Amazon_add-ons.pdf", the "CHANNELS" were empty.

Everything was OK before the Amazon installation.

With "Esturay" everything is OK after the Amazon installation (see pdf file)

Netflix and Amazon add-ons (2).pdf
Hi Claus.

Ahaaa, maybe now I get it. :-)
So the channels from Amazon addon are empty?

Do you access the channels content the same way in Estuary and Rapier?
I noticed that in Estuary you look at "All channels" and in Rapier you look at a channel group called "ClausMM".
Is that channel group empty?
(2019-06-09, 12:15)Gade Wrote: [font][font]@ "ClausMM": Hast du meine Antwort gesehen?[/font][/font]

[font][font]Ich habe mich lange nicht gemeldet. [/font][font]Mit der Version 11.2.44 ist der von mir beschriebene Fehler nicht mehr vorhanden. [/font][/font]

[font][font]Amazon Add-On funktioniert jetzt, danke.[/font][/font]
Hi Claus.

Thanks for getting back.

Great that everything works as expected now.

I'll mark this thread as solved.
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