How to resize image cache?
My image cache is 62 GB big. How could I resize it? Could I use other settings here (or does it have not a big effect?):
Or else?

Qould I then have to remove the entire image cache or the entire cache and rescrape or would tMM remove fan art, images if I set to download less of them like before?
prior to last fall we had problems to cache some sort of artwork (especially ones with transparency). This has already been fixed a few months ago.
Additionally we need different artwork sizes in v3 thus the cache is also different (smaller) - so you could drop the cache and rebuild it. it should become smaller
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So can I manually completely remove the entire folder \Tiny MediaManager\cache with the 740.000 images in?

And may be not download those images? Do I have to remove those already existing foldes manually as well? Or can tMM to it?

Or are the above not available at all in the image cache?
A similar question, when I just want to start from the beginning, re-scrape all the movies, should I manually remove the entire folder "cache" or should I let TMM do it? If yes, what is the best way?
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