Top Ten Scripts/Plugins
Can anyone give me a list of the the Top 10 Scripts/Plugins for the XBMC.
Top ten according to who? People have different needs, tastes and preferences.
Shouldn't be too hard to look around this forum section and decide what's best for you.
Most Useful I guess !
why is this in development?
For python coding questions first see
One question, one clarification, two responses, neither one helpful. WTG.

DVD2XBOX is the most useful one for me.
lingenfr_xbmc Wrote:One question, one clarification, two responses, neither one helpful. WTG.

DVD2XBOX is the most useful one for me.

I have a stock hard drive and I don't play games so DVD2XBOX is not useful to me. That is the point I think. What some may think are useful, others may not. It is not a question easily answered. Just do a search for plugins/scripts and see what you might use.

My two favorite plugin is probably NinjaVideo, but Vreel is getting better each day. Both are found

My favorite scripts are the Veoh script (required to play ninja video and several other video scripts) and Navi-X is really cool. Veoh can be from the top link and navi-x is at: or you can get it from the XBMCsripts default script.

Your favorites may vary, but those are my most used ones.
All of voinage's video sites pretty much on the same level, some have more content than others but I only watch main-stream TV stuff & almost never movies so they're all the same to me.

Navi-X is pretty cool, I don't personally use it anymore, but it has a lot of potential if you like some bizarre website so that you can get it on your xbox without having to pester someone for an entire script.

i don't use it, but apple movie trailers is cool, if you like trailers...

retro-x and that other one are neat if you want better integration with your emulators.

same goes for torrent-x to control your torrents... it is neat, if you have a need for it.

The majority of scripts & plugins can be put under two categories:
1) It brings streaming tv/movies/podcasts to the xbox from the net
2) Satisfies some niche functionality that only a handful of people will ever want/use.

That's what makes this question so hard to answer... all the video type plugins (like voinage's) are basically the same as far as plugins go, and their usefulness is completely dependent on the site's content, and all the niche type ones are for niche markets and their usefulness depends on your particular needs.

Plus, I doubt many people use 10 or more scripts/plugins on a regular basis. I know I certainly don't.

Having said all that, the xbmc addons installer, veoh proxy - ninja video, and my soon-to-be-released LastTube plugin are the ones I use the most.
I have been using my xbox quite happily for quite some time now and have been wondering about what great scripts/plugins I have been missing. The only ones I have been using are:

Apple Trailers
GT Game Reviews

Those are the only ones I have really become familiar with. I have tried videomonkey, but nothing on it worked for me. It's interesting to know what other people are using and enjoying. The Xbox console has been one of the most useful purchases I have ever made, and these scripts continue to extend that usefulness for me.
Most downloaded

* myTV v1.17 (402782)
* Ooba v1.6 (251205)
* YouTube v1.8b (250807)
* YouTube2 0.94 (192800)
* SHOUTcast Video X v2.1 (186154)
Navi-X is the best script period! I don't care how many people I am insulting, lol!
v2.6 now available with optional Parental Controls

pdeg69 Wrote:

How long has the site been down? is down at the moment
Due to recent successful hacking attempts we have to temporarily close down the script repository. All the scripts will be moved to a new system, but this has been taking a while due to lack of time to work on this project. Rest assured though, that the scripts and the installer will be working again soon.
A while, and it may stay down for some time...

Try, it doesn't have a lot of scripts, but it's picking up nicely, especially now that we have an installer for it Cool
Those i use most frequently


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