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No non-3D 24p with NVidia ?????
Thought i brought this up 100 years ago (kodi 11 ?), just getting back to see if things have improved or somebody knows a solution/workaround:

This time trying with win10/64, kodi176/182, nvidia 1050 Ti:

When i do enable 3D in NVidias control panel, i effectively get to choose from two type of 1080 resolutions: 1080p24 3D and 1080o{60,59,50} in 2D. So i choose desktop normally in 1080p60.

The problem is that when i want to watch a 2d movie in 24p, it switches to 1080p24 3D, which really looks extremely ugly on my projector without glasses, because the whole color gammut of course have been optimized so that the colors loop perfect when you use the 3D glasses, but not without. Aka: 2D 24p movies become unwatchable.

The insufficient workaround is to configure kodi to not switch frame rate and suffer through 24p movies in 60p, kodi will still switch to 3D correctly for 3D modes.

The other idea was to create a custom resolution 1080p24 mode in 2D. NVidia does not allow to create exactly the same timing, so i create 1080p23.976 in 2D, and i can manually switch to it via the control panel, and run kodi without frame-rate switching, but thats a lot of manual labor.

Alas, i can not get kodi to automatically switch to the 2D 23.976 resotion. Even if the movie file itself says its 23.976, kodi will still only switch to the 24p 3D resolution.

Any idea how to resolve this ?
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No non-3D 24p with NVidia ?????00