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I did a little search and saw other people asking for this option for years now so I though it might be there somewhere but I don't know where to find it. if it's not I'd like to re-request it again.

My request: allow user to change font's border width or remove it.

Thank you.
Skin fonts can be found in \addons\ use\fonts and the colours of the fonts are in the same folder called colors and expressed in hex as default.xml  The system font would be located in the root Kodi/media/fonts folder. Keep back-ups. "My request: allow user to change font's border width or remove it." I suspect you are wanting to modify for subtitles?
yes. I am trying to change the font border of the subtitles. I added a new font since the font arial is hard to read in my language. However, the black border is big/bold that it's distracting. it would be nice to have an option to change the width of the border just like in Media Player Classic.
Most of the subtitle parameters are set in the guisettings.xml in the userdata folder, but I didn't see a font border call, it may be a duplicate call in the same font black and a few pixels larger. Be sure and make a back-up of this file, if you plan on modifying it.
thank you for replying.
I'm a newbie with kodi and the android box in general so..
my problem is the subtitle in kodi have black border around every letter which can be overwhelming in some words (in my language).
what I want is to have the option to remove this black (outline) border to have the subtitle all white or have a small outline.
adding this option in the setting menu under language where you can modify the font and font size would be a great help.
settings>player>language> [expert mode] should be some settings for chr$ set, size, colour, background, opacity, in that should be tools to handle .srt files. I don't recall a subtitle border option, but I do recall this request 337741 (thread) join the fray.
that request in that thread is what I'm talking about. it seems that a lot of people is asking for that option. i think it will happen eventually.
(2019-06-09, 23:21)kaz3 Wrote: it seems that a lot of people is asking for that option.

Honestly...? A lot? I'd say there have been 4-5 people at the most that have opened a topic on Kodi's font border in the last approx 7 years in the OpenELEC, LibreELEC and Kodi forums combined.

Personally I think Kodi's font border are just right. Just enough to make a difference in a light background, and not nearly as thick to quickly become annoying.

(2019-06-09, 23:21)kaz3 Wrote: i think it will happen eventually.

Hell freezing over? Meh...
But PR's are always welcome. Smile
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actually there are 6. one is the person who introduced me to kodi Cool

one can only hope Angel
(2019-06-10, 00:26)kaz3 Wrote: one can only hope Angel
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There is a vague plan to remove our home brew subtitle rendering and use libass for text subtitles, so if that ever comes into being then this maybe possible.
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