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In NextPVR, I am setup to use Schedules Direct for guide data.  The guide in NextPVR shows a full week of data.

In Kodi, I only see 3 days.  So I did some searching, and found the PVR setting in Kodi which I changed to 7 days.

Now, when I view the guide in Kodi, I can scroll the guide the full 7 days, but there is no data shown after 3 days.  I tried shutting down and restarting Kodi, assuming that might reload the guide data.  No change.

Is there a way to force Kodi to reload the guide data?
In answer to my own question, the Setting:  Clear Guide Data solved my problem.

It seems like if you change the number of days of guide data you wish displayed in the settings, it would be nice if it did the reload automatically.
That would be a an enhancement to Kodi not NextPVR so if you want any action on that you'd need to follow elsewhere.

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