Can I get last played TV Show or Movie using JSON-RPC
I have been experimenting with KODI JSON-RPC with some good success - I have created an application that checks if a library update is in progress - waits until it finishes and then starts a library clean followed by a specific library movie update -- all with a series of JSON commands linked together in a Windows batch file - and all is working very well.

I wanted to try something new and after a lot of Google searches have come up with an unclear idea as to how to proceed. 

What I would like to do -- using a series of JSON commands:

1. Find the last played Movie or TV Episode
2. Using the show ID from the above - check if the status of the playcount
3. If the playcount for the specific ID is set to zero change it to one
4. If the playcount is greater than one do nothing

What i and having trouble is specifically how to accomplish the first item -- there does not seem to be an API call for this (find last played)  -- in addition some help as to how to knit this all together in a series of commands would be helpful. How do I take the output of the first command (find last played) using JSON and feed it to the second command and so on.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Can I get last played TV Show or Movie using JSON-RPC00