v18 EPG is off by one Channel
Hi everyone,

for some weird reason sometimes my EPG is being shown off-by-one in Kodi. When I select the entry, the channel name is properly shown. I have attached a screenshot of the problem. Is this known or am I the first one seeing this issue?

No, I've been seeing this quite a lot recently. Probably since I upgraded to 18.2, week before last. I'm using the E2 PVR client.
I also noticed this also seems to happens when I pause LiveTV for a only a few minutes.
I found that if you quickly clear the guide data cache in the PVR settings, everything goes back to normal once the guide data has reloaded.
i have seen it with nextpvr it seem to fix itself
it doesn't seem to be theme related
Can we please get this moved out of the tvheadend subforum then? It seems to affect at least one other source, possibly all others.
Do you intend to raise a ticket for your issue?
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EPG is off by one Channel00