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When I first tried this addon, I missed the setting called "Add keywords as tags" and as a result my tag list got completely spammed to hell with garbage, which I posted about in this thread previously. I, of course, changed that setting to false:

$ grep -r add_tags userdata/addon_data/
userdata/addon_data/    <setting id="add_tags">false</setting>

It took forever to remove all the crap tags that got added. So today, I went to add a tag to something and I see the tag list is completely bloated with crap again which leads me to believe that changing that setting didn't actually do anything. Shouldn't the data type be defined as boolean in the setting, otherwise it defaults to a string?

Instead of:
<setting id="add_tags">false</setting>
shouldn't it be:
<setting id="add_tags" type="bool">false</setting>

If that's not the problem, how is that setting supposed to work? If add_tags=true then populate the keywords? Does it populate the keywords regardless and add_tags=false triggers their deletion at some point later? Does add_tags control whether or not tags are written to the database in the database code? If I knew it was safe to just rip tag out of info{} in _assemble_details, I'd just do that for an immediate fix but I don't know how the keywords get from populated to stored in the database. And I'm not really a python person so a little help would be greatly appreciated.

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