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(2021-04-01, 19:09)brazen1 Wrote: I have no idea what it does but deleting it doesn't seem to have any affect.  Iso's play perfectly as usual.  They mount, all the player controls work, they have menus, external players mount and work, etc.  New titles scrape all artwork.  I went google hunting for the zip and found it at GitHub.  I am reluctant to install it because it seemed to be the root of my iso playback problem and my system seems to be working fine without it.  Today for the 1st time I came across this thread.  I read v2.0.1 will be appearing soon.  (the irony)

Because I deleted it from my addons folder, is it going to update anyway?  Do I need it?  If so, is there a GitHub link I can monitor if my system doesn't auto install it?  You guys write that you can disable it in add-ons.  I've been to my add-ons in the GUI and never ever saw it before although it was certainly in the Explorer 'addons' folder.  I wasn't specifically looking for it though so I could be mistaken.  Being an avid iso user, I'm concerned that by simply deleting it where I did and possibly never installing it again, I probably left residual instances and bad code all over other areas of my install.

To expand on what I previosly posted, when it comes to videos/music ISO's then nothing extra is needed as the mounting etc is handled within the main Kodi app, so ISO's are handled as if they a real optical disc being played in the hardware disc player (Blu-ray, dvd, cd players). Libarchive is a 3rd party library ( for handling various archive formats such as rar, zip and 7zip, while these are not standard video/music formats they may contain mkv, mp4, mp4, flac or whatever video/music files, so to save the user the trouble of extracting them vfs.libarchive allows Kodi to view the files contained within, so it's the mkv, mp4, mp4, flac or whatever that gets displayed. If you then play the files vfs.libarchive then extracts the file/s on the fly to a tempary folder then Kodi will then play the extracted mkv, mp4, mp4, flac or whatever. If you don't keep any media in any of the archive formats the the vfs.archive addon is not needed.

Where ISO and libarchive came into play was for Games via Retroplayer. Game ROM's can come as ISO files, however unlike video/music, Retroplayer cannot handle the ISO natively so mounting alone is not enough, so the contents must first be extracted for the Game to be started. As libarchive also supports ISO someone thought it would be a good idea for vfs.libarchive to also handle extraction of the contents of ISO's so Retroplayer can play game ISO files, however as can be the way where someone is focused on their main area of interest, the implications for video/music ISO's was not fully considered.

If for some reason you don't get the update and want to keep vfs.libarchive then all repo provided addons can be found at

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